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Reviews for Wishes and Knishes

*Link to October 4, 2023 interview blogpost on Jewish Books for Kids...and More by Barbara Bietz


*Read/listen/watch this September 30, 2023 podcast from Type Tune Tint to learn more about the book, the inspiration and backstory.


*This story is a sweet homage to the special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. It is a much-needed reminder of the importance of family traditions and a great opportunity to start a conversation between generations. What could be better than sharing a treasured recipe and delicious dishes!”

Susan Dubin, Retired School Librarian, Library Director and Holocaust Educator at the Sperling Kronberg Mack Holocaust Resource Center, Las Vegas, NV

*“This book is a wonderful spark for the classroom. It is a warm invitation for children to share foods from theor own traditions, as well as multi- generational stories and experiences. Yona Diamond Dansky’s tale could be an inspiration for endless activities at home and at school.”

Dr. Emily Cook, Principal, Perelman Jewish Day School – Stern Center, Wynnewood, PA


5 Stars: This book with its wonderful artwork brings you back to when your mother or grandmother baked and cooked. I will be trying the recipe on the inside cover with my grandchildren as a special bonding afternoon. In the book most of the family finally learn about tradition from the Grandmother. Although this is supposed to be a children’s book, it actually reminds adults that fun activities are what we remember in family life. Caring, love and practice makes a winning tradition! In its own way, it challenges the reader to start their own special traditions. It brought so many memories back of a time of home dinner parties with friends—not a holiday. Five stars!!!!!

5 Stars: This story highlights the importance of passing on family traditions - a very adult concept- in a way that young children can absorb. It's an age-old story of how members of the younger generation get so caught up in their day-to-day activities that again and again they miss the opportunity to gain the wisdom that their grandparents are ready to give them. As a special treat, the book provides the recipe for Bubby's knishes with detailed instructions for making them successfully.

5 Stars: A sensitivity written and expressively illustrated story that brings the reader into the kitchen of a loving family as they preserve their tradition of making Bubby’s famous knishes. Thanks to the included recipe, your family can make them, too!

5 Stars: Wishes and Knishes is a beautiful story about the powerful connection between generations, culture, cooking, and food. The illustrations are amazing, and the story is one that both children and adults will enjoy reading together.

5 Stars: Our baby LOVES this book and we love reading it to him. He is very engaged by the pictures and we're excited for him to start understanding the story's sweetness in the not-too-distant future. It is a beautiful book and we are excited to share it with our friends and family. It would be a great gift for kids!

5 Stars: A simple story of a girl learning her grandmother's knish recipe carries a valuable message on the importance of family traditions. Yona Diamond Dansky, a lifelong educator, creates opportunities to open dialogues with children on the subjects of blindness, loyalty, family and more. She also created all the illustrations. The book includes Bubby's knish recipe including the all-important technique for making them soft and fluffy. A great book to read to the kids.

5 Stars: Wishes and Knishes is a charming story of how one family rallies to save a treasured family recipe. Kaley never has time to learn how to make potato knishes, a secret that only Bubby knows. That is, until Bubby's failing eyesight almost makes it impossible to ever teach anyone. How Kaley finally learns this recipe and to pass it down is a lesson well learned. Yona Diamond Dansky has written a wonderful picture book about family, traditions, and heart. Recipe included!

5 Stars: We all have heard friends talk about a favorite food or dessert that a family member makes for a special occasion. These foods are like magical threads that keep us together. This book illustrates that important role that family food traditions play in our lives.

5 Stars: We loved “Wishes and Knishes.” Our family easily identified with Bubby and her grandchild and the delicious recipe that pulls all their generations together. Our grandson literally reached out to grab a knish right off the page! The book not only made us hungry but left us discussing our own favorite recipes and our family traditions. We can’t wait to make Bubby’s knishes!! This charming story is a great gift, especially for special occasions and holidays.



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