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When Mom gets a serious illness, it takes family pet beagle, Mooshu, from his accustomed routines and beloved-pet status through unexpected and unwelcome sudden changes. He's bewildered when he gets less affection and has to wait longer for meals and walks, but finally the family finds a positive way to include Mooshu in the new normal of dealing with Mom's illness.  His fear, loneliness and frustration fade as he enters the circle of compassion, comfort and closeness by Mom's side. Mooshu Worries is a  picture book that speaks to young children ages 3 to 8 with a close family member who is very ill.

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Mooshu Worries

  • Written and Illustrated by Yona Diamond Dansky

  • Owl Publishing House, 2019

  • Paperback $9.95

  • ISBN: 978-1-949929-12-6

“This book and the illustrations are amazing! Worries are often huge for children whether or not someone they love is ill and this book will be a comfort and provide them with encouragement.  You captured Mooshu's (and the humans’) emotions perfectly on their faces.”                   

Lois Gretzinger

 School Psychologist          


About the Book: Everyone can relate since we all worry, and we all know about getting sick. The book is written for children ages 3 – 8. After Mom gets sick, looking at the household chaos through a beloved pet dog's eyes provides comfort and understanding of what is happening all around and inside, without being too close and painful. There are elements of compassion, and Mooshu even has a dog friend who is sharing a similar experience.


About the Author/Illustrator: Yona Diamond Dansky is a lifelong educator in city and suburban districts in the Philadelphia area.  Mooshu Worries is her first children’s book. Almost every family has been touched in some way by illness and can relate to this story, inspired by her three-year-old grandson’s journey through his mom’s — Yona’s daughter’s – diagnosis and successful cancer treatment.



Owl Publishing, Lara Paparo,, 717-925-7511

Author/Illustrator, Yona Diamond Dansky,, 215-485-0094


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